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     Recognition & Awards

    • Danielle Rowell, Owner of the Inebriated Baker wins First Place in local business pitch contest sponsored by the Kentucky Financial Empowerment Commission (February 17, 2022)
    • Inebriated Baker is Named one of Kentucky TasteBuds' Favorite Things (November 2020)


    Inebriated Baker® is IN THE NEWS!





        UPCOMING, WKYT, Everyday Kentucky, March 9, 2022


         UPCOMING, WKYT, Mid-Morning Newscast,
                                                 March 14, 2022 (live, in-studio segment)
        UPCOMING, WKYT, Everyday Kentucky, March 23, 2022

         Offering baked goods with a kick! The Inebriated Baker® is  
            featured on Lex18's Best of the Bluegrass Show hosted by Jennifer Palumbo.  
           Watch the Inebriated Baker blow Jennifer's mind with her sinfully delicious, one-of-a-kind
           boozy vegan treats --  a Lexington original bakery serving baked goods with a kick. Owner
           Danielle Rowell combined her love of desserts and cocktails into her business called
           Inebriated Baker. She serves more than 70 edible cocktails, from martini cupcakes to
           mint julep gummy bears in her retail location and online.  October 28, 2021

 ROUND 2!  Watch as The Inebriated Baker® and      
          DeAnn Stephens host of WKYT Home and About meet again! The ladies follow their 
          zany April 16th Zoom with an even WILDER face-to-face chat to celebrate the first
          Inebriated Baker® retail location (Greyline Station Building, 101 W Loudon Ave, Lexington).
          You thought the first conversation was entertaining?  Ha! This one raises the bar, then   
          throws it away! The ladies discuss the retail store, being booze-powered, and tease the
          July 2021 launch of a second brand and boozy product line - The Inebriated Chef® (boozy
          cheese spreads). July 5, 2021.
       The Inebriated Baker® is featured on WKYT Home and About hosted by DeAnn Stephens.  Watch the hilarious banter as the ladies gleefully chat about all things BOOZY - bonding over booze! Can you believe that this is the first time they are meeting?! Feels like they have know each other for years. The Inebriated Baker® lays out her 'evil genius master plan' to re-imagine the traditional bakery and bar scenes with her 'edible cocktails' [insert evil laugh here]. Zoom, April 16, 2021.


    Lee Cruse, Hayley Harmon return to TV ... on ABC 36 - Lane Report |  Kentucky Business & Economic News Inebriated Baker® is featured on the Lee and Hayley Show. Watch as they taste our products on-air and give their honest review in real time! (Spoiler: Yum!!).

    Inebriated Baker® is featured on the Good Day Kentucky Show. Watch as Erica Bivens and Cody Adams taste our products on-air and give their honest review in real time! (Spoiler: Yum!!).





    HINKY Logo         
            4 Million Cupcakes feat. The Inebriated Baker              
            Full show (1 hour) in-studio guest and contributor             
            September 28, 2021, Episode 63



    Wine and PopTarts Youtube Logo


           Wine and Pop Tarts Podcast - 2020
           Livestream Comedy & Music Fundraiser for
           God's Pantry Food Bank,
           I'll be Sheltering in Place for Xmas." (Mark: 4:23:18)  



    HINKY Logo

              Spooky SZN feat. The Inebriated Baker
              Full show (1 hour) in-studio guest and contributor
              October 28, 2020, Episode 39



    HINKY Logo

                 I Hope You Brought An Extra Liver feat. Inebriated Baker              Full show (1 hour) in-studio guest and contributor
                June 24, 2020, Episode 29




    • Brunch with the Buds Show, Kentucky TasteBuds, KISS 96.9 FM (Lexington, KY)   Inebriated Baker® named This Week's Hot Tamale! Listen to the archive (Mark: last 10 minutes). Kentucky Taste Buds' podcast is broadcasted locally on KISS 96.9 FM (Lexington, KY) every Saturday. Check out their lifestyle blog where they blog about all things Kentucky. 


    Cooking Segments / Cooking Shows:

    • Watch as the Inebriated Baker - dressed in her reindeer onesie - shares peppermint-themed holiday recipes with Jennifer Palumbo the host of Lex18's Best of the Bluegrass.The Inebriated Baker in Lexington is known for its edible cocktails and desserts. Owner Danielle Rowell gets us in the holiday spirit by shaking up her peppermint mocha martini (for the adults) and pairing it with a decadent peppermint bark candy (for the whole family). December 21, 2021
    • More cooking shows, tutorials, and web shows accessible on our YouTube Channel