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     Recognition & Awards

    • Inebriated Baker is Named one of Kentucky TasteBuds' Favorite Things (November 2020)


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    Lee Cruse, Hayley Harmon return to TV ... on ABC 36 - Lane Report |  Kentucky Business & Economic NewsInebriated Baker is featured on the Lee and Hayley Show. Watch as they taste our products on-air and give their honest review in real time! (Spoiler: Yum!!).

    Inebriated Baker is featured on the Good Day Kentucky Show. Watch as Erica Bivens and Cody Adams taste our products on-air and give their honest review in real time! (Spoiler: Yum!!).




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    Wine and Pop Tarts 2020 Livestream Comedy & Music Fundraiser for God's Pantry Food Bank, "I'll be Sheltering in Place for Xmas." (Mark: 4:23:18)




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    Spooky SZN feat. The Inebriated Baker

    October 28, 2020, Episode 39



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    I Hope You Brought An Extra Liver feat. Inebriated Baker

    June 24, 2020, Episode 29




    • Brunch with the Buds Show, Kentucky TasteBuds, KISS 96.9 FM (Lexington, KY)   Inebriated Baker named This Week's Hot Tamale! Listen to the archive (Mark: last 10 minutes). Kentucky Taste Buds' podcast is broadcasted locally on KISS 96.9 FM (Lexington, KY) every Saturday. Check out their lifestyle blog where they blog about all things Kentucky.