Inebriated Baker

Community Outreach

We are dedicated to supporting our local and regional community. As a start-up, we know what it is like to be given a chance when everyone else will not take the gamble. We understand the need to provide support to other local entrepreneurs and members of the community who may need an extra helping hand – be it in the form of a sponsorship, partnership, mentorship, or work-study assistantship.  Once we get the business off the ground and running, we plan to build and develop our local and regional corporate citizenship offices through the establishment of:

  1. Training and work study opportunities for local students;
  2. Local and regional non-profit benefit months supported through a percentage of price/units sold;
  3. Local and regional non-profit support through event product donation;
  4. Local and regional non-profit support through event sponsorship; and
  5. Company-wide volunteer events

We intend to design our local and regional corporate sponsorship office with an interactive component that will allow the public and our customer base to nominate and vote for nonprofit support groups for us to sponsor using our social media pages.

To discuss community outreach opportunities, please contact us by phone at 859-823-LUSH / 5874. Please leave a detailed voice message with a contact phone number. You may also email us at - please use subject line “Community Outreach”. Please include a contact phone number in your email to us.