Community Outreach

Our business is guided by three principles:

1. Remember where you come from.

2. Focus on community building through empowerment rather than charity.

3. Pay it forward.

    We are dedicated to strengthening our local, state, and regional communities.  As a start-up, we know what it is like to be given a chance when everyone else will not take the gamble. We understand the need to provide accessibility and support to other local entrepreneurs and members of the community who may need an extra helping hand – be it in the form of a sponsorship, partnership, mentorship, or work-study assistantship.

    While we do partner with a variety of local nonprofit, charitable groups, we do so with the intention of building self-sustaining professional learning and investment communities where individuals learn empowerment through collaboration and resource reinvestment.

    We are in the process of developing our local and regional corporate citizenship offices through the establishment of:

    1. Training, mentoring, and work study opportunities for local  entrepreneurs of all ages;

    2. Community learning and micro lending investment partnerships;

    3. Local and regional non-profit support through event sponsorship, donation drives, and volunteerism programs; and

    4. Leadership, logistical, and training support program development for nonprofit capacity building initiatives.

        To discuss community outreach opportunities, please contact us by phone at 859-823-LUSH / 5874. Please leave a detailed voice message with a contact phone number. You may also email us at - please use subject line “Community Outreach”. Please include a contact phone number in your email to us.


        Our Nonprofit Partners Include:


         Lexington Humane Society launches new fundraising campaign to benefit  homeless animals


         Habitat for humanity.svg

        Allegro Dance Project - Nonprofit Giving Platform | GiveGab