Inebriated Baker

Boozy Cheese Spreads (5% ABV)

We love a good beer cheese spread but we are always disappointed! Where's the beer? The label says it has beer, but I certainly cannot taste it. You know exactly what I mean—I know you do! Well, the we have fixed that!

Our cheese spreads pack a wallop. You can taste the alcohol in our cheese spreads. All cheese spreads are made in-house from scratch using our signature recipes and alcohol blends. Our cheese spreads are silky smooth and flavorful! Cheese spreads contain beer, wine, and alcohol (or a combination, therein) as per the product description.

We also use our signature cheese spreads to make our savory pretzel bread "cupcakes".

Our cheese spreads are sold under our subsidiary brand Inebriated Chef®.

Our boozy cheese spreads are a perfect addition to your next party/event swag bag!
We can package them in single serving, individual gift boxes.
  • Our products are a terrific addition to an adult gift bag!
  • Add our products to your next fundraiser, office event, wedding, birthday, or holiday party gift bag!
  • We can arrange sophisticated individual packaging for all of our products—including our cupcakes—so you can give the gift of inebriation to your guests.
  • We can design a special Inebriated Baker gift bag featuring any number of our products of your choosing with upscale gift wrapping and packaging that will WOW all of your guests and attendees!

Email us today and speak with one of our event catering and product packaging specialists.