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Our booze is NEVER baked out and NEVER added as an after-thought.

   - Our cheese spreads are 5% ABV.*
   - Each 6.75 oz Jumbo-Sized Cupcake has 1 oz shot of booze.
   - Each 3 oz Standard-Sized Cupcake has ½ oz of booze.

You can taste the booze. No more weak beer cheese spread for you, my friends! We have the boozy cheese spread that will put a smile on your face and hair on your chest!

An Edible Cocktail™ of Carefully Paired Flavors

An Edible Cocktail™ of Carefully Paired Flavors

Our alcohol, cake, filling, and frosting combinations come together to recreate your favorite martini, cocktail, and mixed drink as a cohesive confectionery delight.

Alcohol is crafted as part of the confection, not added as a gimmick to sell a few cupcakes. We carefully pair alcohol and food flavors to recreate your favorite drink as an edible cocktail™ with a kick.

A Cocktail and Dessert All in One!

A Cocktail and Dessert All in One!

You never have to choose between a cocktail and dessert ever again™ because our confectionery delights are 2-in-1: A delectable and decadent dessert plus a nice stiff premium craft cocktail. You get your money’s worth here!

The alcohol is the star of the show in each of our product lines and each recipe is carefully crafted with attention to flavor pairings that enhance both the food component, as well as the featured alcohol.



Do NOT be fooled by boozy cupcake IMPOSTERS using tiny alcohol injectables (0.03-0.135 oz) and others claiming to have "alcohol infused" INEBRIATED baked goods.

If you don't see our mascot Cletus with his moonshine jug, it ain't the Inebriated Baker®!

If your cupcake doesn't have a moonshine soaked cherry on top, it ain't the Inebriated Baker®!


"Man, these cupcakes are awesome! First of all- She delivered. Second- They are huge! Third- The filling is the boozy part and it is delicious! Forth- Topped with buttercream, drizzles, nuts and a moonshine cherry. I can't wait to try more flavors!"

4 Pack Jumbo, Salted Caramel Chocolate Bourbon Ball Martini Cupcake (Seasonal, Spring, Derby Day Menu)

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"The cupcake I ate was amazing! And to top it off there was a moonshine soaked cherry!!! Having a boozy cupcake is such a great treat for adults. I could totally see having these for a party or a fun gift. I'll be treating myself to another one very soon to try other flavors."

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"These cupcakes are ginormous and mouth-watering delicious! I loved the Hummingbird cupcake with cream cheese frosting. And boy, does it have a kick! The booze takes this cupcake from being ho-hum to heck, yeah! Can't think of a better way to handle being quarantined than with cupcakes and beer cheese from the Inebriated Baker!"

Southern Hummingbird Martini Cupcake (Jumbo)
& Fighting Frat Boy Bourbon & Beer Cheese Spread (Spicy Jalapeno)

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Marie P Lexington, KY
Brittany F
Tamara S. Lexington, KY